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There are 20 million nurses worldwide and their role in care journey of chronic patients is changing in many countries, especially those with advanced practice nurses. As the rates of chronic conditions are rising around the world, patients are taking more and more responsibility to care for themselves. Most often it is the nurse who works with the patients to teach and empower them to manage their conditions. Nurses play a critical role in connecting science to patient care, to optimize treatment adherence, patient health outcomes and quality of life.

Connecting Nurses is a worldwide patient-centered nursing program developed in partnership with nursing organizations. It was created 5 years ago and is an important part of the Patient Centricity and Medical functions.

This innovative digital platform gives us global access to nurse, to leverage their expertise on patient experience and to shape our programs and interventions that improve patient adherence, self-management and outcomes.

Dr. Anne Beal, Chief Patient Officer at Sanofi, shares more about Connecting Nurses and the key role nurses play in a patient-centered approach.

Part of connecting nurses is Care challenge, an initiative where we invite nurses to share practical and innovative solutions to improve patient outcomes. International Nurses Day is an opportunity for us to highlight and celebrate those promising practices and the importance of nursing interventions from Care Challenge, such as:

  • Raising awareness on Flu Vaccination & Diabetes: Influenza is more frequent among patient with diabetes, the risk of hospitalization 6x greater
  • Federate nurses around the importance of vaccinating themselves to protect their patients, especially in diabetes
  • Applying behavioural science in daily nursing practice via motivational interview techniques or patient & nurse dialogue optimization tools

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