The Sanofi Medical Intelligence and Patient Perspectives (MIPP) group incorporates patient perspectives in the early research space to better understand the impact and burden of disease from the patient’s perspective. Patient insight regarding the diagnosis and evolution of their disease and how their quality of life is impacted complements the scientific approach, translational medicine, medical value and commercial viability elements included in early value assessments.

The patient engagement process was built in a way to not only promote a patient centric R&D model (from earliest stages of asset life cycle), but also to develop a holistic approach for managing partnerships between patients and Sanofi. It creates a bidirectional benefit with patient expectations factored into relationship management thereby enabling the patient perspective to positively impact asset development, and clinical trial execution, which aligns our products more precisely with patient unmet need.

Clinical trials provide the foundation for the prevention and treatment of health conditions and diseases that can affect us all. They provide a high standard of medical care and generate a wealth of information that helps future patients.

In an effort to enhance the general public’s understanding of the drug/device development process, which includes the various phases of clinical trials and the rigorous approach put in place by sponsors and the health authorities, we have developed an educational website aimed at increasing clinical trial awareness. We hope you find this an inviting place to learn more about the clinical trial journey.

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